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Tal-Kin Trees Creative Service is a certified minority-owned and operated Creative Boutique serving Jacksonville with 30+ years of professional experience. Web design, graphic design, video recording/editing, as well as digital photography services are provided. Uniquely, We offer entertainment, event planning and promotion as well as music and commercial production. Additional services include printing, creative writing, logo design, and presentation production. Our professionals have worked with large corporate clients, including Apple Computers LLC, Red Bull USA, British Airways, Edward Waters College (HBCU) and Florida State College at Jacksonville.


Director of Creative Services

Experienced multimedia professional in production of digital and traditional deliverables. Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communications Using Photoshop. Having 30+ years of visual communication experience with 10 years specializing in higher education, learning and training.

Nadia D. Robinson

Director of Communications
* Independent Contractor

Experienced marketing communications professional that is an active  liaison in the LGBT community with a proven history of developing marketing and advertising campaigns that fortify brand strategies. Expertise in creative strategic planning and execution, internal/external creative team leadership and project management.

Dazha L. Robinson

Music Publishing Administrator
* I
ndependent Contractor

Music publishing administration is a service that relieves artists of publishing responsibilities so they can focus on creating and building their audience. A publishing administrator will help you earn money from the composition by managing your copyright and income. Your publishing administrator will register your music with a performing rights organization (PRO) or collection society that will charge any business for the right to play recordings or host performances of your music. The PRO will then distribute royalties to you, the artist, through your publishing administrator. You'll receive compensation when your music plays on the radio, at a restaurant, on a TV broadcast and more.

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